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How to weave the monkey chain knot to make the Trumpet swan nest or any other bird nest... Add Video

Sari shows a quick demo on how to do the very very simple monkey chain knot using 1/4 inch Sisal and pink jersey gloves... From this, anyone can make an artificial bird nest, put straw on it or wild bird seed, lace it up into the crotch of a tree, and; help your wild birds to survive happily... (Note: the smaller the bird, the tighter the weave needed...)

 For a Trumpeter swan, I use a 43 inch diameter nest...Geese like it smaller, & ducks smaller again...Sisal rope the 1/4 inch thickness is under $5 at Canadian Tire for 50 feet, & I use at least 15 rolls for one giant nest...To start the nest, I weave two rolls of Sisal just as long chains, then attach them to my hula hoop with a thinner grade sisal (you could use string for this, whatever)...Tying the first chains to the hula hoop at regular intervals means that when you start weaving the nest it will stay attached to the hula hoop well & you will retain that nice circle shape...It is hard to weave a circle shape without the hula hoop, plus the hula hoop provides resistance...I got my hula hoop custom made on ebay (43 inch diameter) for around $43 dollars actually...(& yes it does hula too)...Hula hoops make great nest weaving tools! A fun class if you are an art teacher! I wear jersey gardening gloves in pink which were under $10 dollars & are necessary to protect your hands from the Sisal rope burn...One trumpeter Swan nest takes me two days to make with rest breaks & laziness built into that time frame...

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