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Posts: 19 Shane Snider uses a 1 part silica sand to 2 parts white cement mixture for his ferrocement sculptures...Also contributes the idea of embedding steel wool into the mix for strength & later texture...With a toss of glass fibre strand & some cement bond admixture he can sculpt into the piece after laying it on...

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 This thread in mentions 1 part white cement to 2 to 3 parts crushed marble as a mix for outdoor sculptures...Honestly, I might modify this back to Shane Snider's mix, with a larger portion being the white cement & a smaller portion being the crushed marble...So, if Shane uses 1 part sand to 2 parts cement, then substitute the marble for the sand & you get 1 part crushed marble for every 2 parts white cement...(I think that some of these recipes are from people in a hotter climate than Toronto- so need to be made harder for a freeze thaw cycle...)

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