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Cut my hair off...

Posted by groveontario on July 13, 2011 at 7:46 AM


 OK, so this is how I look now...I will have to update my other pics on the site so you will know who I am if you see me walking down the street...I may have to carry a picture on me as well, just to remind myself who I am...(husband says Bridget Nielsen, but I am not quite that blonde...) Suffice it to say, I tried to rescue a raccoon, &, well, now I know a new thing- lice are a mortal enemy, more dangerous to self-esteem & long haired people than any other threat...

  On the upside, I am now bonding with a whole new demographic- people with short hair & men...I have always liked men, but now I am one of them...yesterday a woman called me sir...(Despite the fact that I have been wearing bust enhancing tops from Mark's Work Warehouse to dispel confusion...)

  On the art front, (though cutting one's own hair is a pretty artistic endeavour- the secret is, grab hair & twirl before you cut- the twirling leaves a nicer edge than just hacking it off)...The swan (aka The Weeping Widow) is curing nicely, & I have now strapped the head to the neck with Sisal rope, so that I can flip her over again to re-finish the bottom part with a stronger cement mix (3:4, 3 parts white cement, to 4 parts aggregate, the 4 parts are 1) perlite 2) 3/4 inch glass strands 3)aragonite sand 4) silicate sand, plus I add liquid cement bond admixture & water)...Do you like the furry fuzzy quality? I think it is so neat!!! Once the last steps cure, which takes way too long in our humid climate by the lake, I have to investigate eco-friendly concrete sealers...


Categories: July 2011, Concrete Sculpture Ferrocement

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