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Posted by groveontario on June 29, 2011 at 1:06 PM

1) cement/tires/acidity: Cement construction, concrete mixes, mortars, all contain lime which is very acidic...PH balance must be neutral for living things...If you live near to a construction site, then your water will be acidic...That means that your glass windows will break, your rubber tires on your bicycle or car will look like they have been slashed, & your draft beer will contain metal pipe that has degraded into your beer...Even after a concrete building has been erected will your environment be acid...You could file a claim to the owners of the new building for damage that has occurred on your premises including health problems like difficulty breathing due to cement lung aspiration of airborne particles...All sites produce dust...Cement dust is quite harmful to the lungs...And so on...

2(hot dog steamies): Little Dog at 367 Manning Avenue makes Montreal style "Steamies"...They have chosen to locate themselves near to a Bank of Montreal bank...Why? because Montrealers know what a steamie is...How smart is that? If your art is known by a certain group of people, why not choose to exhibit near to where those people work?

3)Limited edition prints or other multiples: If you have two washing machines in stock at your store that are the same model number, the smart company lists both on their website as separate listings...Why? because it allows people to know there are two of the same model & they can choose which one they want...Just because your works of art are the same in terms of model number (ie: you have two prints of the same thing, but with different limited edition signed numbers, #101, #102, left over)- just because you have #101 & $102 left over in your print bin, doesn't mean they are exactly the same...Listing #101 on a separate listing to #102, says that they are the same image but different numbers...This allows people to choose which number they want to have...#13 is not the same as #12, so don't list them as one does this with their washing machines & it is smart...

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