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To the Cornell School of Ornithology about the Spoon-billed Sandpiper's situation: (only 200 pairs left on the planet)...

Posted by groveontario on June 22, 2011 at 6:50 AM

  Food...Predation pressure goes away when food is abundant...If the big birds & other predators are getting fed, the little ones do better...Of course, if the little ones get fed specifically, they are able to defend themselves better...But trying to save a rare breed while ignoring the more common ones in the area may be shortsighted...The crisis in that particular location is probably across the board, including the whales & the bears...A psychological shift in the community of humans who live close by can manifest big change...Food is one of the easiest things that nearby humans can help with...If there is some sort of supply mechanism bringing wild bird seed into the area, then most people would love to be part of a group that comes around to distribute that seed...People love to feed birds...We are at the point in history where we can no longer say that it is better to leave Nature alone in regards to feeding birds & other so-called "wild"life...The whole dependence issue is moot...Our planet's animals

are now as dependent on us as our own children..."nature" is now just private property, real estate, that apparently can be bought & sold on a whim...I have found that merely giving people "permission" to feed wildlife gets them going...So many have been programmed to think that it is wrong to feed wildlife, that it doesn't get done...If "permission" to feed the birds at that location is given to the local community there, wonders could occur...(But broad permission, not just the one species...Let them care for, 'adopt' who they feel...)Feedings take the pressure off of everybody...Next we will teach a nice design for artificial nests that can be put there & locals will be instructed on how to place the nests for later...

  Sort of related in a peripheral way insofar as bird populations are affected by sewage & so are, of course, humans, as in, Parkinson's disease:
  I have been researching Parkinson's for decades now, just as a hobby(long story) & have come to some insight into the problem & possible cause...There seems to be a link to proximity to sewage treatment plants where they incinerate dry sewage...The fumes drift & stick to things...The actual effect is mercury overdose in the gallbladder (like a fungus actually), which later affects the brain systemically...Mercury can easily be offset in the diet by supplementing with magnesium...(You can even add magnesium to your life by bathing in epsom salts often, since epsom salts are actually magnesium sulfate...)In fact, that is a nice cure...

   Notes on helping birds: banning local pesticides (whichever one your municipality uses) has the guaranteed effect of bringing back waning bird populations...It worked for cormorants, try it in your community! let's bring back the birds! 

Medical: Using" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> MedHelp's menstrual Cycle Tracker, an online tool for women t track the whole shebang, so you can finally see the patterns & learn when to do business & when to just hide under the covers or in the bathtub...
  This reminds me of a watch I designed years ago called "a biological clock", which only tracked a woman's cycle, with different coloured backgrounds for ovulation, period, pms, & clear...(I didn't follow through with the design because I decided the world has too many watches already- having lived in Switzerland, I know...)

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