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Trumpeter Swans in Ontario not migrating South in winter due to physical obstructions in Lake Ontario waters...

Posted by groveontario on August 24, 2011 at 10:05 AM

(picture shows Trumpeter Swan Concrete Outdoor Sculpture 5ft. by 3 feet by 3 feet...curing...then another layer of concrete...then eco-friendly concrete sealer from Fredericton, New Brunswick...  

  I’ve noticed our Ontario Trumpeter swans hugging the shore as they seek places to come up onto the beach…(Groynes, those erosion control rocks, have been placed along our Lake Ontario beaches, which hinder entry from the water onto land-particularly when the water is rough in winter…)

  But more specifically, concerning the lack of migration in winter of our Trumpeters- it appears the oil rig thing development whatever you call it, along the west side of lake Ontario, just South of Lasalle Park marina in Burlington, Ontario, is impeding a natural swim flow southerly migration in winter…

  If that oil rig thing wasn’t there, the Trumpeters could naturally just hug the shore of lake Ontario & swim south to be warmer…The assumption that they can fly anywhere they want does not mean they will…If there are physical things in your waters along shores, that will block their first instincts & prevent instinctive migrations…

  I write because I worry about them in winter, because they just seem so cold here & can’t seem to get south enough…

  Sorry this is not exactly Arkansas(they are researching Trumpeter swan migration patterns at the moment) specific-but some of this info might help…

  Also, here they like bedtime at 6pm & wakeup at 6am…Boating after 6pm really disturbs their sleep cycle & they will swim to another location if boats are nearby when they are trying to sleep…

  Good luck with your research…Sari Grove, GroveCanada

  p.s.been looking into vending machines that could dispense wild bird seed for a quarter…Maybe one of you all could organize this? :)

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