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A response to a Globe & mail article about Canadian government arts spending

Posted by groveontario on June 22, 2011 at 8:06 AM
  The issue of funding the Arts by government is one of necessity created by our high tax bracket...If there was more luxury money to spend in the pocketbooks of the taxpayers, then yes, art might be able to sustain itself in Canada without handouts...
  Why are our taxes so high? The predominant culprit is health care...Most of our tax money is spent now on free health care to anyone who becomes a citizen our obtains some sort of Canadian status...If the pressure from health care monies was relieved, taxes could indeed be lowered to a more normal level, & then art could flourish from allowing people the freedom to spend their extra cash on culture...Culture being something that usually gets thrown out when necessity knocks...
  If we examine the predator, health care, we might see that apparently more people are sick since we brought in full OHIP & banished extra-billing...We might also ask ourselves, why is health care so heavily subsidized by government here? If we are cutting away excess, why don't we cut the bloated health care system & let all our other programs breathe?
  Everything else in Canada costs money, why should going to the doctor be free? Arts is just a mouse on the back of the health care elephant...Sorry for being complicated, but the issue of arts supporting itself financially is inextricably tied to lowering taxes...Which is inextricably tied to cutting off bloated programs...The most bloated of all being free health care...p.s. I am an artist & my Dad was a doctor...So I know a little about the issues...


2:46 AM on June 23, 2011

The US is number one on the list of countries with the highest incidence of cancer, Canada is number three...Apparently these numbers correlate historically to permissions regarding genetically modified proteins, like corn that has insecticide built into the plant, allowed in our food, (ever since the laws allowing these foods into our grocery stores were instituted...) If we clean up our faulty food system, we can take pressure off the health care system, & free up our country from that most heavy of burdens...(of course, that is only one way of cutting off the chaff- instead of cutting off the arts)...
To the responder who said health care is not free- you know what I meant...To the other who said she is tired of hearing about high taxes- Well, high taxes is what happen when you have made the assumption that government has to support the arts by handouts- Artists who don't like high taxes are the ones who are trying to make a go of it without asking for tax money...The problem with government handouts to the arts is that it can change the nature of the work itself to suit the client...& it is very difficult to produce cutting edge work if it has to be approved by a mountain of red tape & a buyer with no face...

3:08 AM on June 23, 2011

I'd also like to add, as I think of it, a comparison...Dentists do not get paid through gov't tax money (taxpayers money, whatever you want to call it, let's not get tied up in semantics)...Doctors do...When medicine got into bed with tax money, doctors lost half their income...Dentists do very well, as independents...Artists & arts programs are always complaining that they are broke...In Canada...If artists & art programs got out of bed with tax monies, then they might (will) do better financially...It is the artist community itself that must understand this fact...This relationship...In the short term, it might look bad, that tax money wants to divest itself form the arts...But in the long term, arts saying no to gov't involvement will benefit the arts more, in a deeper & more economically sustainable sense...You really have to say no to gov't handouts to the arts in order to assert your independence...It's like you have to get rid of your parasitic boyfriend before Prince Charming will take you out for a donut & a coffee...

  Selenium or selenite or garlic, works by lowering blood sugar levels in the pancreas which is especially good for people trying to beat diabetes without drugs...In cancer patients with higher blood sugar levels, selenite would enable pancreatic functioning which in turn helps other body parts to cleanse themselves as well...Those who are hypoglemic, anemic, or bipolar(bipolar is often associated with anemia), should abstain from selenium...

(here's the original article)...

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